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October 25th | 2 PM PDT

Free to Paid Conversion

with Eric Keating

Eric Keating leads marketing and growth at Appcues, where he helps SaaS businesses — from startups to the Fortune 500 — optimize their product experiences to drive product-led growth.

Have you noticed anything common among the best performing SaaS companies both in private and in public markets?

Public: Slack, HubSpot, Salesforce, Netflix, Adobe, Spotify, Dropbox, Shopify, Zoom, Atlassian, Smartsheet, Asana, DocuSign, Zendesk, Twilio, Workday...

Private: ProfitWell, Clearbit, Amplitude, Lyft, Privy, Vidyard, Codepen, LogMeIn, Appcues, Notion, Mint, Loom, Discord…

They are all offering free-to-paid marketing/sales/product models. Even in completely different industries, even if you are selling to business or to customers, even if your ACV is low or high, even if you are a small startup or a huge corporation - it all comes down to adapting to how your buyers… buy!

While sales teams are not going anywhere anytime soon, we should be working on optimizing their time and the overall performance of the marketing and product teams. This requires not only launching a lighter version of your product, but strategically and systematically mapping out and planning how to both use a free version to amplify your top of the funnel and a pricing and positioning strategy to intensify conversions at the middle and top of the funnel.

While in 2003, there were benchmarks showing conversions around 1-3%, nowadays you don't have to go too far to find companies with a conversion rate as high as 50%.

At this workshop, Eric Keating, who has been helping startups and Fortune 500 companies plan, build and optimize their conversion from free to paid for years, will be guiding us through how to achieve the same level of success and make the most out of this strategy.

Who's it for?
  • Founders

  • Marketing Leaders

  • Product Managers

  • Sales Managers

  • Planners

  • Decision Makers

  • VPs

  • Directors

What you can expect

Get out of this workshop ready to do it all on your own by reviewing existing successful models,
real-world examples, strategies and tactics you can apply now.

October 26th | 2 PM PDT

Growth and Experimentation for New Product Launches and Early Scaling

with Sean Ellis

Sean Ellis coined the term GrowthHacking and then co-authored the Hacking Growth book - currently translated into 16 languages. Sean has built the growth engines for several highly successful startups from the ground up. At Uproar and LogMeIn, he drove the process from inception to IPO. Then later in his career, he narrowed his focus and led the early, most challenging phases of startup growth engine development at Dropbox, Lookout, and Eventbrite, all of which reached multi-billion-dollar valuations.

We all have heard a lot about experimentation frameworks, growth methodologies, testing structure, data analysis, growth teams foundations but… one of the most important pieces of the puzzle is often underrated: the culture, support and engagement of directors, c-level and founders.

Jeff Bezos has often stated throughout his annual shareholders letters: "If you are not stubborn, you'll give up on experiments too soon. And if you are not flexible, you will pound your head against the wall and you won't see a different solution to a problem you are trying to solve".

Or as Mark Zuckerberg has mentioned at Reid Hoffman's podcast: "The strategy at Facebook is to learn as quickly as possible what our community wants us to do - and that requires a culture that encourages people to try things and test things and fail, and it also requires building infrastructure to enable people to do that".

No company can achieve the level of innovation and experimentation required to succeed at building a long-term sustainable product or company or even a feature. It is mandatory that the senior leadership team (C-Level, Directors, Founders, Investors) not only provide the necessary support, but also get involved with it.

After working with hundreds of successful companies, across all industries, in every stage of their journey, Sean Ellis will be guiding us through the process he has implemented to build the required foundation for growth at the upper level of your organization.

Who's it for?

  • Founders and Directors of early-stage startups and Product Managers

  • Product Managers and Marketing Directors of large enterprise companies

What you can expect

A step by step guide on how to plan and measure launch of new products and/or new features in a systematic way optimized for performance and adoption.

October 27th | 2 PM PDT

Metrics Matter: A Deep Dive into Setting Goals, Tracking KPIs, and Reporting Results for Growth Teams

with Jon Repka

As VP of Growth, Jon has scaled Paro's Sales & Customer Success teams from one to over 50 reps. Jon is a former strategy & operations consultant and mid-market growth strategy executive, but he didn't find his true passion until he started helping startups make analytics a competitive advantage.

Every experienced Growth Leader knows support from the C-Suite, Board, and other executive stakeholders can make or break a Growth Team.  What's less consistently appreciated and applied is how KPIs can be a bottoms-up growth lever. To that end we'll spend the first half of our workshop exploring how to establish the right KPIs and build the infrastructure to track them.   Ancillary topics, such as benchmarking, will also be touched upon, in addition to an interactive exercise addressing the king of Growth KPIs: the CAC: LTV ratio!

With this foundation in place, the second half of the workshop will extend into intuitive ways that companies can display and communicate KPIs via dashboards to key stakeholders.  Consistently tracking proactive trends and tying them to results, consistently, is one of the most straightforward ways to generate and maintain executive support.

Who's it for?

Professionals in growth teams, marketing and product who want to improve their skills to set, track and report in KPIs.

What you can expect

A solid foundation on growth metrics, along with actionable strategies to set, track, visualize, and report on KPIs.

October 28th | 2 PM PDT

How to Use a Framework of 8 User Experiences to Build an Effective Experimentation Program

with Jan Marks

Jan Marks could never accept that over 95% of a digital channel's visitors walk away without buying a product or signing up for a service. He built and managed highly effective CRO programs at companies of all sizes and verticals as SVP Customer Success at a leading CRO agency. Jan recently joined the team of Wingify, creator of the well-known optimization platform VWO, where he is now enabling growth and customer happiness in the European Region - and wherever his expertise contributes to extraordinary digital results.

Your company’s options for optimizations along the entire user journey are unlimited and many companies stumble into the field of experimentation without a plan or a reasonable roadmap for an effective CRO program.

In this workshop, Jan will offer a hands-on framework and break down the entire customer journey into 8 fundamental experiences which altogether convert a visitor into a client: the arrival experience (the first 10 seconds on your site), the search experience, the navigation experience, the information experience, the decision experience, the checkout experience, the payment experience and the support experience.

With this foundation in place, we will move to the second stage of the workshop, where all attendees, along with UX experts from VWO and its partner agency Making Science, will head into 8 separate break-out rooms. Each group will focus on one of the before-mentioned 8 experiences, pick a page of its choice, identify its deficiencies and define 2-3 ideas and hypotheses for potential experiments.

During the third stage of our workshop we will wrap up the results of our group-work and the collection of ideas that was generated before will lead us to the challenge of prioritization. We will outline a prioritization framework that has helped many clients to build CRO programs with measurable results.

Who's it for?

E-Commerce managers, UX experts, product-, marketing-, and growth-teams that want to build or scale an experimentation program that drives conversion rates and digital results.

What you can expect

A useful framework that enables agile optimization and experimentation.

Hands-on exercises and direct feedback from experienced CRO experts.

October 29th | 2 PM PDT

How to Launch & Run a 7 Figure Growth Marketing Consultancy

with Jim Huffman

CEO of GrowthHit, a growth marketing agency. Best-selling author of The Growth Marketer's Playbook. Host of the "If I Was Starting Today" Podcast.

Get the step-by-step playbook Jim Huffman used to grow his growth marketing consultancy to 7 figures. In the workshop, he'll cover the process he uses to run growth, the frameworks and tactics he uses to get results for clients, how he goes to market to acquire customers, his approach to positioning, pricing, and much more.